Our Approach

Wayfinding can be understood as the systems that guide people on physical or metaphorical journeys. Pacific voyagers used traditional ways of knowing and being to reach Aotearoa New Zealand centuries ago. Wayfinding is now inspiring new ways of thinking about business, design, leadership and career development. Our RECI® model supports you to find your way in your career journey.

Our Unique Approach - The RECI® model

Navigation and wayfinding are powerful metaphors for the life journey that is your career.

At The Career Development Company, we help you navigate your career and find your way. We developed the RECI® model as our unique wayfinder solution. Four practical steps support individuals and organisations to make sense of career.

This systematic approach to career development draws on expert knowledge, clear thinking for solving problems, and a collaborative approach to support you to manage your career amidst life’s complexities.

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