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We value sustainability highly and can work alongside your staff to equip them to design and deliver evidence-based programmes internally within your organisation, or with your clients, students, and trainees. This may include:

  • Building the capability of staff to run career development programmes and initiatives, including modelling delivery
  • Advise on and/or lead the review, design, and development of New Zealand career-specific qualifications, programmes, and assessment
  • Provide professional development for teaching staff in the integration of the ‘world of work’ into the classroom
  • Contribute to research projects and initiatives with client groups

The benefits:

  • Build organisational capability and reduce expenditure on external consultants
  • Provide on the job learning opportunities that grow the skills of employees and increase their engagement
  • Establish quality standards for the design and delivery of career development programmes and services
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Mentoring is a learning and developmental partnership between an experienced mentor and a less experienced mentee. Mentoring is often focused on career progression including developing in the current role and for a pathway within the organisation, field or industry. Positive mentoring relationships can promote confidence, expand knowledge, and stimulate new practice. Through mentoring you will:

  • Gain valuable knowledge for personal and professional growth
  • Have a sounding board for potential ideas and insights to situations that may not be obvious
  • Expand access to potential connections 
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Professional supervision is a formal collaborative and confidential process for those who work with people, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all concerned, and ultimately improve services and outcomes for clients. It enables critical reflection to support professional development and competence, and promote adherence to ethical practice. 

The benefits:

  • Raise professional standards and adherence to codes of ethics
  • Gain practice insight and become more dynamic in your delivery
  • Grow professional knowledge and competence
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Our Effective Career Conversations programme equips managers and staff to have constructive career conversations in the workplace.  We can assist with aligning career conversations with organisational priorities to make the best use of resources that are often scarce and contested. 

The benefits:

  • Help staff to see a positive future for themselves in the organisation, increase job satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation
  • Develop and retain the skills the organisation requires for the future
  • Allow individuals to reflect on their skills and performance, be open to feedback, and to identify their strengths and areas for development
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We will work with you to identify appropriate tools and resources to build your unique profile. We will explore with you how others are likely to view your brand, and how you can grow your networks of influence. This includes developing or reviewing your CV/Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, and personal mission statement.

The benefits:

  • Secure the job or leadership position you want
  • Attract sponsors or funding for a project you are planning
  • Build your networks of influence
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We can offer assessments for individuals to develop an understanding of their career development, personality type and behavioural styles, and to help build positive and committed team members.

The benefits:

  • Career Intelligence © Assessment – an online self-assessment and report on life and work values, career motivators, fields of interest, and skills and competencies. Career coaching unpacks insights and identifies clear action steps for career growth and development. A cost and time-effective process for the individual and employer
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® – through identifying personality preferences with a MBTI® Assessment, an individual learns more about themselves, their unique gifts, communication preferences, and their strengths in making decisions, managing change and conflict as well as identifying possible areas of development 
  • The Extended DISC® System – assessments are designed to provide a practical action plan to enhance individual, team, and organisational performance. By increasing understanding of behaviour, an individual can improve relationships through enhanced communication and understanding of others and develop strategies to meet the demands of the environment
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Workplace restructure and career transitions are challenging and can cause significant disruption. However, these can be managed in ways that attend to both the needs of the organisation and individuals, whilst best reflecting the organisation’s values and culture. 

We will partner with you to design and deliver services that treat all staff, especially those most affected by change, with respect and integrity. The services may include: 

  • Coaching managers to effectively manage the change process with their staff
  • Presentations and workshops on coping with workplace and career change
  • One-to-one coaching or group workshops to:
    - Gain clarity for creating plans and initiating realistic actions through reflection and exploration, using our unique RECI ® model and resources
    - Build confidence in their value and ability to market themselves through a CV, an interview, on LinkedIn, for networking, and in negotiating offers
    - Learn effective job search and interviewing techniques to bring them up to date with relevant knowledge and labour market trends

The benefits:

  • Access to qualified career practitioners and our unique RECI ® process and resources
  • A tailored programme that aligns with organisation goals
  • A confidential, impartial person to talk to/work with
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Whatever stage you are at in your career journey, making decisions about your future can often be overwhelming. Career coaching and counselling helps to bring clarity and support, so that you can effectively navigate the next step in your journey to achieve your desired outcome.

We will work with you to demystify and simplify the process and equip you with the right tools and the knowledge to make good decisions for your future.

The benefits:

  • Understand the career development process using our unique RECI ® model and resources
  • Use reputable tools and techniques such as Holland's RIASEC theory for career choice and preferences
  • Gain clarity for creating plans and initiating realistic actions through reflection and exploration
  • Build confidence in your value and ability to market yourself through a CV/Resume on LinkedIn, for networking, and in negotiating offers
  • Learn effective job search and interviewing techniques and stay up to date with relevant knowledge and labour market trends
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