Education & Training

We provide support to design, develop, and deliver career development programmes and services.

"The presentation was very helpful and kept my interest throughout. It really helped me think about my future career. Thank you."

Support your students, trainees and staff to navigate their career.

Students and trainees need support to navigate transitions between education, training, and employment. As a team we are committed to helping learners connect their learning with the world of work and who they will become: their future selves.

We can work with you to equip your staff to run career development programmes, and to have effective career conversations. We can also can deliver professional career services to complement those you offer.  

What can we help you with?

  • Developing or strengthening your current career development programmes and services to enhance the outcomes for your students and trainees
  • Training staff to engage in effective career conversations with staff, students, or trainees, using our unique RECI® model for effective career conversations
  • Presenting topical career development seminars and workshops for staff, students, trainees, parents and families
  • Providing individual and group career coaching and counselling sessions for staff, students, and trainees
  • Providing professional development for teaching staff in the integration of the ‘world of work’ into the classroom
  • Supporting career staff to design, develop and deliver evidence-based career development programmes
  • Advising on and/or lead the review, design, and development of New Zealand career-specific qualifications, programmes, and assessment.
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