Social Impact Projects

We believe access to professional, expert career development support is a wellbeing and social justice issue. Through our social impact projects we can provide immediate and ready access to professional and practical career support, guidance, and tools to help individuals and communities confidently navigate their current situation and any future change they might experience. We offer this through sponsorship and partially funded initiatives, supplemented by our own time and goodwill.

Our Social Impact Projects & Collaborations

- Active volunteers for our associations
- Career Expos
- Career Wayfinding Project
- Uniting Canterbury Women
- Giving Seeds of Love

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Uniting Canterbury Women

The overarching UCW mission of coming together to connect, share, and support each other through compassion and kindness resonated with our guiding whakataukī: Mā whero mā pango ka oti ai te mahi. Through collaboration with UCW we can support women in need from a wide range of backgrounds and contexts to develop their confidence and career resilience.

Career Expos

Collaborating with Mark Gillard and the NZ Careers Expo group in 2019, we delivered much-needed career seminars for both parents and students in four regions. From our wide network we also brought on board other career experts and like-minded colleagues who graciously volunteered their time and expertise for this initiative.

Giving Seeds of Love

This collaboration came about following a Uniting Canterbury Women (UCW) event.  The Giving Seeds of Love focus on “Growing meaningful connections on our planet” felt a good fit with our metaphor of The Unfurling Fronds – it encapsulates career development as an evolving life journey. Working together to nurture small groups of vulnerable individuals, we draw on our collective expertise and connections to provide each individual with the tools to thrive in their changed situations.

The Career Wayfinding Project

A pilot project partially funded by the Ministry of Ethnic Communities Development Fund. The purpose of this project was to facilitate professional wellbeing and provide budgeting and career development support for long-term migrant and former refugee women in Christchurch who had been unsuccessful in their job search strategies, and/or facing job losses post-pandemic.

This project provided a safe space to connect with other women, to reflect on who they are and who they are becoming in the New Zealand context, explore new possibilities, make meaningful connections, and enact practical and meaningful strategies for ​their future.​

Active Volunteers for our Associations

We're actively involved as volunteers in our career associations – Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) and Careers and Transition in Education (CATE), as well as the AI Forum NZ, National Council of Women (NCW), and the Ministry of Ethnic Communities ‘Women to Women’ initiative.

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