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Career Coaching & Counselling

Career coaching and counselling helps individuals gain clarity  for creating plans and initiating realistic actions through reflection and exploration.


Positive mentoring relationships can promote confidence, expand knowledge, and stimulate new practice. 

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is a formal collaborative and confidential process for those who work with people, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all concerned.

Effective career conversations 

Our Effective Career Conversations programme equips managers and staff to have constructive career conversations in the workplace.


We support your journey, walking hand-in-hand with you as your trusted guides

Our business focus is on our clients: to design and deliver solutions that enable individuals and organisations to thrive. However, we do things differently, and that’s something we celebrate.

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Empowering you to confidently navigate a career change

Since the inception of The Career Development Company in 2018 our offer to individuals and organisations has expanded to include a range of services from Career Coaching and Counselling, Professional Supervision and Mentoring, to Outplacement support, Career Development Programme Review, and bespoke workshops and career services, and much more.

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Our Services

Navigating career with a wayfinding mindset

At The Career Development Company we’ve adopted a Wayfinding Mindset to help you navigate your career and find your way.

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Our Testimonials

"You helped me reflect on my current role and clarify my professional goals and aspirations. Your compassion, active listening and constructive feedback has made me feel heard, understood and more equipped to make positive changes in my professional life.  Thank you for your excellent supervision. I would highly recommend your service to others."

Thank you so much for your great advice and support. I received an offer through some interviews, a presentation, and a demonstration. I am so excited to join the organisation.

I found our meetings really informative and useful. The sessions provided me with clear insight into the professional space, and the steps I will need to take to achieve my career goals. I’ve learnt how to structure my CV and Cover Letter to fit today’s professional environment. I’ve also been able to identify my key values that I know without doubt will be useful for my career progression.


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