November 25, 2023

Career Wayfinding - a programme for schools

It is now a few years since we (The CDC) adopted navigation and wayfinding as powerful metaphors for the life journey that is a career. Although it’s not always overt in the career conversations we have, our four-step RECI® approach is constant. Our clients tell us that what we do and how we do it supports them to make sense of their career stories—and for planning next steps.

Recently, we combined our expertise across a range of sectors, distilling our knowledge and experience of career practice, theory, and education into a career wayfinding programme for schools. In addition to the other “hats” she now wears, Dr Val O’Reilly has a background in secondary school teaching. As a career counsellor she has delivered career services for former refugee students in an Auckland secondary school for over 10 years, so it made sense to start there. This year we successfully launched and delivered The Career Wayfinding Programme for 31 former refugee students.

Other schools around the country have now started their journey with us. The news spread after Val’s presentation about the programme, delivery, and resources via the CATE Lunchtime Bytes series, which was facilitated by Kaiarahi Leigh Gray. Based on the interest in training school staff, we are adding a training programme for schools to enable in-house delivery. We also appreciate the support and interest shown by the Migrant and Refugee Education advisors at the Ministry of Education, who sent us this communication:

"Schools can use Refugee Pathway and Career funding to access the Career Wayfinding programme. This funding scheme is managed by the migrant and refugee team (Ministry of Education). Please feel free to contact them for the application form and assistance with the application".

We know there is scope to broaden the reach of the programme and we’re committed to supporting schools to deliver on the career-related aspirations of the National Education and Learning Priorities, and the National Career System Strategy focus to grow quality career support.

To learn more about us, visit If you’re in education, contact us on or to discuss how you can introduce The Career Wayfinding Programme in your organisation.

Dr Val O'Reilly, Executive Director


Providing career development support
for a range of clients

Whatever stage you are at in your career journey, making decisions about your future can often be overwhelming. Our services will help bring clarity and support, so that you can effectively navigate the next step in your journey to achieve your desired outcome.

Our career practitioners will work with you to demystify and simplify the process and equip you with the right tools and the knowledge to make good decisions for your future.

Sessions are tailored to the individual so you can gain the outcome that you want.  Two to four sessions are typically required.

What can we help you with?

  • Understanding who you are, and what you have to offer
  • Clarity about your future career direction
  • Understanding the labour market
  • Strategies for achieving your goal, with realistic steps to make that happen
  • Developing your career profile to ensure effective personal branding.
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Engage our team of career professionals to support your staff and managers to have meaningful and productive careers, to navigate the career transitions across their lifetimes, and to enhance their health and wellbeing. We understand the challenges faced with the conflicting demands on time and resources when taking an active role in career and talent management, and in promoting the health and wellbeing of each employee. There is ample evidence that career development brings substantial benefits to the economy, as well as to organisations.   

Your need for external career development services may be identified:

  • during workforce or business planning
  • in setting milestones for an organisational change project
  • through staff engagement reports or exit surveys
  • from client feedback
  • for delivery to students or trainees, or
  • from evaluations of learning and development programmes.
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The Career Development Company offers specialist expertise and support to education providers, helping them design, develop, and deliver career development programmes and services.  Students and trainees also need support to navigate transitions between education, training, and employment.

As a team we are committed to helping learners connect their learning with the world of work and who they will become: their future selves. We will work with you to support student and trainee engagement, understanding and a desire for lifelong learning.

What can we help you with?

  • Developing or strengthening your current career development programmes and services to enhance the outcomes for your students and trainees
  • Training staff to engage in effective career conversations with staff, students, or trainees, using our unique RECI™ model for effective career conversations.
  • Presenting topical career development seminars and workshops for staff, students, trainees, and parents
  • Providing individual and group career coaching and counselling or professional supervision sessions for staff, students, and trainees
  • Providing professional development for teaching staff in the integration of the ‘world of work’ into the classroom
  • Supporting career staff to design, develop and deliver evidence-based career development programmes
  • Advising on and/or lead the review, design, and development of New Zealand career-specific qualifications, programmes, and assessment.
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The Career Development Company is an approved All-of-Government provider of HR-Career Development Services. We are confident our career development services will benefit your organisation, managers, and staff.  Our career development expertise complements existing management and HR/OD functions. By taking an active role in your staff’s careers, you can create an environment of trust, openness, and increased engagement and satisfaction.

What can we help you with?

  • Support for organisational change - support your staff to develop skills and confidence to manage their career transitions in times of change, with our career transition and outplacement service.
  • Support for individual career development - encourage your staff to take responsibility for their life-long career development through our individual career development services.
  • Support for manager development -support managers to develop the confidence to have effective career conversations, and to grow in their role and with the organisation through mentoring. 
  • Support to deliver services to your client and community groups - support your organisation to develop or strengthen career development programmes and services to enhance the outcomes for your clients, students, or trainees.
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The Career Development Company is an advocate for professionalism in the careers industry and for the valuable role that professional associations and bodies play. As a team we are currently members of CDANZ, CATE, HRNZ, ICF, CDAA, CEAV, AI Forum, Women AI (WAI) Forum, Maori and Pasifika Career Practitioners Network, National Council of Women New Zealand, Office of Ethnic Communities Women to Women (W2W) Group. We are committed to supporting practitioners to continue to develop their competencies and to work ethically for positive outcomes for their clients.

  • Professional supervision or mentoring to grow in your current role and as a practitioner
  • Career coaching and counselling for your career journey
  • Professional development in effective career conversations
  • Support with the design and delivery of career development programmes and services.
  • ... and much more!

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