Dr Val O'Reilly - Kāi Tahu

Executive Director


Val (Kāi Tahu) views career as a life story that unfolds in remarkable ways. She enjoys engaging with others on their journey to make meaning of their career story, to resolve indecision, and effect positive change in their lives. As a qualified career professional, Val is trained to support organisations in their career service delivery and to help individuals explore and design who they want to become. Ko wai koe? You are always becoming.

  • career counselling, career coaching, supervision and mentoring
  • programme and project design, development, leadership and delivery
  • workshop design, development, leadership and delivery: NZ and internationally
  • resource design, development and delivery
  • reviewing and leading change in organisational policies and procedures
  • development of professional standards and competencies
  • research, writing and reviewing across a range of contexts and media
  • conference presenting: NZ and internationally
  • FMCDANZ, Honorary Member CDAA, Member CATE
  • member Women in AI (WAI),  a nonprofit do-tank working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society
  • member of the foundational careers sector Maori and Pasifika practitioner network
  • past member AI Forum NZ Working Group 6 – Law, Ethics and Society
  • past President of CDANZ, a leading NZ professional career development association
  • co-founder and past co-leader of CDANZ Professionalism Project
  • past member of the institutional advisory board for NZ career development course delivery

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O’Reilly, V. (2017). New Zealand Country Paper. Paper presented at 2017 International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) Symposium, Seoul, Korea. http://iccdpp2017.org/download/Country_paper_New_Zealand_ENG.pdf

O’Reilly, V.N. (2015). Life-Story for life design: A career development activity for refugee students. In M. McMahon & W. Patton (Eds.), Ideas for Career Practitioners. (2nd edition pp. 220-223). Australia: Australian Academic Press.

Thomas, J., & O’Reilly, V. (2015). New Zealand Country Paper. Paper presented at 2015 International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) Symposium, Des Moines, US.

O’Reilly, V. (2011). The role of school websites in career development practice. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, 11(3), 175-185. doi: 10.1007/s10775-011-9207-2

O’Reilly, V. (2011). The role of school websites in career development practice. Paper presented at April CDAA Career Development Conference, Cairns, Australia.

  • PhD in career development
  • Winner Alumni Section (Poetry). University of Otago Writer 2023 Creative Writing Competition. Poem: “Kōrero on the getting of wisdom”.
  • Certificate in Māori and Indigenous Art (Toi Ataata, Level 4). Te Wananga o Aotearoa
  • Certificate in Māori and Indigenous Art (Toi Maruata, Level 3). Te Wananga o Aotearoa
  • Te Pōkaitahi Reo (Reo Rua, Te Kaupae 2). Te Wananga o Aotearoa
  • Recipient 2019 CDANZ Research Dissemination Grant
  • Recipient 2018 Auckland Careers and Transition Education CATE Conference Scholarship
  • Certified Extended DISC (L1). Certifying authority Extended DISC Australasia
  • Certified Self-Directed Search (SDS). Certifying authority NZCER
  • Certified Occupational Testing. Certifying authority SHL
  • Certificate of Proficiency, Educational Research. AUT University, NZ
  • Master of Career Development. AUT University, NZ
  • Diploma of Teaching. Dunedin Teacher’s College, NZ
  • Bachelor of Arts. University of Otago, NZ